Stevenson Frail Associates Inc.

Performance Improvement

James Frail leads our Performance Improvement Practice.

We provide our clients with an integrated Performance Improvement service offering built around three key service areas: 

Strategy Execution

Leaders are under pressure to help their organizations perform which requires a clear strategy for how the organization will be successful, clear accountability and ensuring the enterprise is aligned and focused on executing your strategy every day.

Continuous Improvement

Many of our clients want to raise their capability to continuously improve their business results and we are helping our clients leverage the powerful methodology of Lean Six Sigma to improve the way they unlock value in their operations increasing customer satisfaction, reducing waste, cutting cycle time, increasing capacity and quality, reducing working capital, and reducing cost.

Business Transformation

Organizations occasionally require a fundamental change to transform their business requiring a more holistic and thorough approach to change, specialized skills and experience and a thorough methodology to guide a successful transformation. Well planned and executed Business Transformation initiatives add value by reducing time, increasing benefits and reducing resistance and disruption.