In collaboration with, and as a Chair with TEC, James hosts peer advisory groups that provide a safe supportive environment in which to vet your challenges, fears, leadership gaps and all issues organizational with the encouragement and suggestions of likeminded individuals. Your peer advisory group membership provides you with access to James as your strategic business coach, professional speakers who are subject matter experts on those topics of greatest interest to you and your cohort, a group of non-competing peers who will help you grow as a leader and access to a global network.

• To whom do you currently have access to discuss your biggest challenges as a leader?

• As a member of a peer advisory group, your personal peer advisory board and coach will provide a significant advantage over leaders who are lacking this huge resource.

• Imagine being part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives from diverse industries.

• Your priorities, challenges, opportunities and issues will change over time but having that diverse experience available to help you problem solve and to identify your options dramatically changes the quality of your thinking and your ability to take action.

• Why does it work so well? You constantly make a small amount of time (typically 2-4% of your working time) available “to work on the business” and not just “work in the business”.

In a nutshell, your Peer Advisory Group membership provides:

• Access to a Diverse Group of Peers – whose own business experiences in non- competing industries will provide you with insights into your challenges as well as giving you the opportunity to reciprocate in kind;

• Regularly Scheduled Full Day Meetings – hosted by a different member each time and often during which a speaker selected by your group leads an informative and interactive session on a topic of relevant interest that may include such topics as emotional agility, attributes of true leadership, leading in turbulent times and team development and where members have the opportunity to “carefrontationally” tackle each others' challenges;

• One to One Coaching – in a setting of full confidentiality with James. Coaching sessions are typically an hour in length and may be held in person, by Zoom or Microsoft Teams or a combination;

• Online Resources and Special Reports – that provide access to numerous white papers, best practices solutions, various analyses on a range of business topics as well as economic reports by Dr Peter Andersen who is the former assistant chief advisor of research at the Bank of Canada.

For more detailed information on Peer Advisory Groups and whether one might be a good fit for you, please contact James for an non-obligatory discussion.